3rd May 24*

Explore infinite expanses

Discover the depths of the Mandelbrot fractal and find your unique, fascinating and beautiful patterns. Zoom in as far as you like with one click via the simple and user-friendly GUI.

New in version 3.9:

The latest version 3.9 now offers even more possibilities to explore fractals and be amazed.
With 2 new fractal formulas and an even stronger deep zoom, you can now fully explore the Julia set in all its variants and levels, thanks to the dynamically customizable C variable with sliders.
Also new is the Burning Ship fractal, which is always stunning for its amazing patterns.

Find your own depths, patterns and levels!


14th August 23*


Since we had some problems with our former hosting provider Jimdo in the past, we designed our own website, which is completely independent from other web building kits. We host the website through Cloudflare.
Why Cloudflare is our first choice is the reliability, the cost and the professionalism. You can find more about Cloudflare on our social page.

10th March 23*

The NLC Gallery

The plan of the NLC gallery on our website has been dropped for an undetermined time, because the direct focus of this website should not be so much on Minecraft anymore. It is important to say that there is a similar kind of gallery on our Discord server, where pictures of NLC and its progress are posted regularly. Anyone who joins our discord server can see the pictures.

6th October 22*

Revision and publication of the Projects page

We are revamping the Projects page on our website. You can find more information about the release directly on the page.

15th July 22*

Minecraft downloads are permanently disabled

We have disabled the downloads of all our Minecraft schematics and projects, because the security of the copyrights can not be guaranteed.

You can still view our projects via PMC.

The versions of New Lycantropia City available for download are outdated!
Please check our Discord server for the latest versions!
New Lycantropia City is constantly evolving, don't miss anything!

New Lycantropia City Releases

New Lycantropia City is a Minecraft project in which we build a city that has modern, luxurious and tropical vibes. Perfect for roleplays or just to explore and having fun.