Our Projects

Here you can find our projects we are working on and see some infos about everything. Please note that everything is not official yet and only for demonstrative purposes.

Network Monitoring - Setup Program

// v0.3.10-2022-ova-vcl*

We are currently working on a multi-device application, that will allow moderation and administration to access the monitoring and setup tools of our servers and networks. This program is intended to simplify and overview the handling for moderation and administration within the network.

APN - Minecraft Server Management

// v0.4.22-bungeecord*

This program is for the special management of Minecraft servers. Since we have many servers, such a clear, simple and helpful program is very useful. The best feature of this program is the graphical interface that clearly displays the status of latency and memory usage.

Experimental Network ST DoS Tool

// v0.2.23-desktop*

I don't want to call this program DDoS Tool, even though it has strong similarities! It is only meant for experimental purposes to stress test a network or host for performance and strength. This program immediately prohibits the use of external IP addresses to protect others.

Password manager

// v0.20.1-desktop*

It is always good to know what the program really does with our data, especially if you have developed the program yourself.  Everyone can see what the program does, since the source code is publicly available.

Hardware and Arduino projects

Airsoft Attachment: Hit Tracker

As a small fun project, we are working on a hit / stat tracker to count hits for airsoft weapons. Inspired by CS:GO. With an Arduino Nano we want to implement the whole thing.

Server racks

Building a server rack is very complicated and if you make a mistake, many things can break. We have built some server racks ourselves from scratch and use them as a mass data center for our files, backups, projects and for sharing.