Our Projects

Here you can find our projects we are working on and see some infos about everything. Please note that everything is not official yet and only for demonstrative purposes.

Discover the depths of the Mandelbrot fractals...

Delphi-Pascal 7 Application


Delphi-Pascal 11 Application


More Projects:

Network Monitoring - Setup Program

// v0.17-2024-ova-vcl*

We are currently working on a multi-device application, that will allow moderation and administration to access the monitoring and setup tools of our servers and networks. This program is intended to simplify and overview the handling for moderation and administration within the network.

Experimental Mandelbrot Simulator v3

// v3.9-2024-desktop*

Discover the depths of the Mandelbrot, Tricorn, Burning Ship, Julia and Feather fractals and find your unique, fascinating and beautiful patterns. Zoom in as far as you like with one click via the simple and user-friendly GUI.

Password & Code Manager 2024

// v0.2-2024-fml*

The stable and reliable tool to easily store and retrieve your
passwords, codes, keys, tokens, licenses and passphrases
anywhere, takes care of your sensitive data and protects it. The one-second MFA codes are dynamically and clearly transmitted from your apps in real time and our intelligent assistant automatically inserts your data into almost all login forms.

Network Traffic Stresser

// v0.5-2024-desktop*

A tool to load internal networks for power and performance. Many junk packets are sent via a UDP transport protocol to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in order to load them.
Abuse for DDoS attacks is prevented and the sessions will be suspended.