Our Social Medias

Feel free to check out our social medias, because it's always quite informative but also fun.

Discord / Server

On my discord server you can of course exchange with my community and have fun. There you are also directly linked with me and I am always open for you.

GitHub / Source Codes

So if you want to see our projects on GitHub or just want to know how and what we are programming, you can also check out my GitHub profile.

Twitter / News

And on my official Twitter account you can find news about the status of the servers, upcoming updates for my website and more information about process.

Are you interested?

Discover the depths of the Mandelbrot, Tricorn, Burning Ship, Julia and Feather fractals and find your unique, fascinating and beautiful patterns. Zoom in as far as you like with one click via the simple and user-friendly GUI.

Phoebe Music / YouTube Channel

Phoebe Music is another hobby of mine. On this YouTube channel I upload music every now and then, perfect for gaming, party, chill or as background.

ArcturusPhoenix Network / User Hub

For already registered users, developers and administrators of my network this hub is an overview of what is going on locally.


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